Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update on My Life

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I guess I'll talk about how my life's been going so far.

Since the last post I made about school, unfortunately, nothing's really changed in my life. No school, no job, etc. (although I did take the SAT in May). That's really my fault because I'm just so incredibly unmotivated. I want to get many of my personal projects done, but I can't seem to find the strength to concentrate and work on them. Also, I am a bit afraid about when I'm finished with my projects. When the time actually does come to do things like find a job and go to college, I fear things won't work out well, and I fear having to talk to people all the time. Maybe it's because I've become so introverted that I don't want to talk to virtually anyone unless it's over the internet. I never thought I used to be quite this bad - maybe I've just become that way. But whatever the case, I know that I've been doing nothing long enough and that I've got to move on.

My website is now on my friend's server, so it will not be on GeoCities anymore. It's just as well, as GeoCities is closing in just a few days. I think it's a shame, but oh well.

I got a dog named Buffy on February 6th, and she's a white/cream colored Pit Bull Terrier. She is nice, but she is very wild and hyper and can be a lot of trouble.

In May, I started working on some vlogs on YouTube regarding life after high school and age and life after death. I plan to do more vlogs soon once I get some of my other projects under control.

Other than that, I'm ashamed to say that not much else is going on with me. I really need to get my act together.