Friday, October 19, 2007

Joe's Website Returned

I finally put my main website page back up. Sometime about a month ago, I took the main page down briefly, and I intended to put it back up since. I finally did it just now, and I'm glad to have it back up. Even so, I plan to rennovate my site some more because it is in big need of a design change.

Thinking of a Story Idea

It's been several months since I last typed a major story of any kind. I'd like to get it done before the end of the year, so I'm a bit crunched for time, especially since I have lots of other things to do. Even more of a problem is that I've got major writer's block. The problem is that whenever I start writing a story, it just doesn't feel right. I don't feel the same desire to continue with the story as I did with the stories I wrote in the past. None of the stories really interest me as much as the older ones do. I guess I'll just have to keep thinking until I come up with a good idea.