Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking into Colleges...finally

Well, here I am several months later after making that last post in October, and wouldn't you believe it - I still don't have a job and am not in college. I still have many personal projects yet to finish, and I think it's possible my ADHD may be preventing me from getting a lot done (it's been said that it can sort of cause a lack of motivation to finish certain things, and also, I was diagnosed with it many years ago, anyway).

Anyway, it looks like I may finally be moving things along as far as my future is concerned. I learned that you don't need to apply for college only within a few months of the deadline, which made me understand why other students in my high school class were sending out applications in the late part of 2007 even though a lot of them would probably be heading off to college in the fall. It was good news, as it meant I could apply earlier and get my dad off my back. I'm doing more research on some colleges and on different careers to make sure I have a better of idea of what I'm getting into and what is needed, but hopefully, I'll at least start applying to some colleges in maybe the next week or two.

It really is time for me to move along. Having time off from school has been nice, but when you just sit around all day and rarely talk to different groups of people on a regular basis, it gets pretty boring.