Friday, November 17, 2017

Quake III Southlake and Shannon Mall Maps

This morning, I started working on Quake III maps for three places: 1) the High-Tech Voyager - a fictional spaceship from my story series "The Voyagers," 2) Southlake Mall, and 3) Shannon Mall.  All three are maps that I've really wanted to make, but I've dreaded doing so - especially the malls - due to their sizes and architectural complexity.  However, being a retailgeek and/or mallgeek, I really love malls, so making maps for them is practically a must.  I have a Quake III map of a mall called PadCenter, but I still want to make maps of malls that are bigger - and more importantly, have sentimental value for me.  Hopefully, I'll eventually finish all my Quake III maps.

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