Monday, March 5, 2018

God Bless USSR (Song Parody in Development)

Around the Fourth of July of 2008, I jokingly replaced the stanza "God Bless the USA" with "God Bless the USSR."  Years later, I decided to make a full-length parody of Lee Greenwood's song "God Bless the USA."

Below are some stanzas that my friend and I came up with that precede the song's chorus.  Keep in mind that they could be changed before I finish the song since it is still in development.

"From the wastelands of Chernobyl"
"To the gulags of Stalin"
"Gorby broke our country,"
"But he can't take it away..."

Below is the chorus itself, which I've spent more time refining but is still subject to revision.

'Cause I'm proud that I was born Soviet
Where at least my vodka's free,
And I won't forget Comrade Lenin,
Who took my rights from me,
So I must help Putin
Save Ukraine from those Western pigs afar
'Cause I'll always love my Motherland
God Bless USSR!

I don't really like the "So I must help Putin" stanza much since it feels rather awkward, but again, the song is still in development.  Also, I've made the point of not using articles in the song to reflect the lack of articles in the Russian language (as well as to make the last line of the chorus have the same number of syllables as "God Bless the USA").

This evening, I've thought about making two parodies of "God Bless the USA."  One would be a song for the USSR since that's the version that I originally started making (and because "USSR" is close to "USA").  The other would be a song for the Russian Federation since I have much more of a fascination for it compared to the Soviet Union - partly since I think it has a nicer-looking flag.

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